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Gadfly : (GAD-flye) a noun meaning, in literal use, any of various flies (such as a horsefly, botfly or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock. In figurative use, however, the word refers … more
Belie : (bih-LYE) a verb meaning to  give a false idea or impression. The word can also mean to show something is false or wrong.  "Martin's easy banter and relaxed attitude belied his … more
Torrid : ( TOR-id ) an adjective meaning something  that is literally hot (such as a region near the Earth’s equator) or figuratively hot (such as a romance). "The tabloids were relentless in … more
Plangent : (PLAN-junt) an adjective meaning loud, deep, and often expressive of sadness or suffering. The word is a synonym of "plaintive." "The campers were awoken by the plangent howl of … more
Gingerly : (JIN-jer-lee) an adjective meaning an act or manner that is very cautious or careful. "The antelope moved with a gingerly gait that suggested it was hurt." more
Purloin : (per-LOYN) a verb meaning to take something that belongs to someone else—that is, to steal it. Although more formal sounding  than "steal," it is sometimes  … more
Taut : (TOT )  an adjective meaning stretched or pulled tight; not slack . "The taut rope tethered the boat to the dock." more
Occlude : (UH-klood )  a verb meaning to  hide or  obscure   from  prominence  or view. "The moon will occlude the sun completely during a total solar eclipse." more
Ethereal : ( ih-THEER-ee-ul ) an adjective meaning  extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Or  a substance resembling heaven. "Dawn's early light casts … more
Genuflect : (JEN-yuh-flekt) a verb meaning to kneel, or nearly kneel, on one knee and then rise again in worship or as an act of respect. In figurative use, "genuflect" means humbly obedient or … more
Querulous : (KWAIR-yuh-lus) an adjective meaning constantly or habitually complaining, synonymous with fretful or whining when describing something, such as a person's tone of voice. "She shows … more
Ulterior : (ul-TEER-ee-er) an adjective that means things (usually motives, objectives, reasons, agendas, etc.) that are kept hidden in order to achieve a particular result. "Rory found it hard … more
Connive : (kuh-NYVE) a verb meaning to conspire to do something considered immoral, illegal, or harmful "Roger suspected that his coworkers were conniving to get him fired when in reality … more
Opprobrium : (uh-PROH-bree-um) a noun meaning harsh criticism or disapproval of a person or thing, especially by a large number of people.  "The new curbside waste contract in Clay … more
Buttress: (BUTT-russ) a noun meaning a structure built against a wall in order to support or strengthen it. More broadly, buttress may refer to anything that supports or strengthens. more
Maladroit: (uh-KWIZ-uh-tiv) an adjective meaning "incompetent" or "very awkward." It is usually used in formal speech and writing and often describes people who lack skill in handling situations. more

Acquisitive: (uh-KWIZ-uh-tiv) an adjective meaning excessively interested in acquiring money or material things.

“The acquisitive gambler bet thousands of dollars for the coin toss to be ‘heads’ on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Vivacious: (vuh-VAY-shus) an adjective meaning someone or something is happy and lively in an appealing way.  

“Our vivacious host’s bubbly humor and welcoming spirit quickly set everyone at ease.” 



Unfettered: (un-FET-erd) an adjective meaning not controlled or restricted. It is a synonym of both free and unrestrained.

“The biographer was given unfettered access to the family's collection of personal correspondence.”

Oneiric: (oh-NYE-rik) an adjective meaning "of or relating to dreams." “The paintings, filled with fantastical imagery conjured by the artist's imagination, have a compellingly oneiric quality.” more
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