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Blithe: (bl EYE th) an adjective that means showing a casual, cheerful but improper indifference.

“Speeding through a red light, the driver demonstrated a blithe disregard for the rules of the road. more

Rumbustious: (rum-BUS-chus) an adjective that means boisterous or unruly.

“The rumbustious party next door kept me up all night with their loud music and shouting.”

Kaffeeklatsch: (KAH-feh-klach) a noun that means an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation.

“After church, the old women gossiped at the kaffeeklatsch in the parish center.”


Harridan: (HAIR-eh-den) a noun that means a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman.

“The old harridan who nannied for the family sent the children to bed early without supper.”



Transpicuous: (trans-PIK-yoo-us) an adjective that means being easily understood or transparent.

“My windows were transpicuous after I cleaned both sides of the glass.”

Appetency: (APP-ǝ-dǝn-see) a noun that means a longing or desire.

“My father passed along his appetency for playing golf.”

Demur: (dǝh-mǝr) a verb that means to raise doubts or show reluctance. “If you don’t agree with the charge, your lawyer can demur.”   more
Five years ago, 2018 • Mandy Sue Tedder was charged with seven counts of animal abandonment after a Clay County Sheriff’s Office deputy found nine dogs left on a property in … more

Nosegay: (NOHZ-gay) a noun that means a small bunch of sweet-scented flowers.

“Each of the bridesmaids received a small nosegay wrapped in lace.”

Logomachy: (lo-GAH-me-kee) is a noun that means an argument about words. “We had a bit of a logomachy while creating our new company slogan.” more

Nocuous: (NAHK-yoo-us) is an adjective that means noxious, harmful or poisonous.

“Removing the nocuous plants behind the shed proved to be a complicated job.”

Adscititious: (Ad-sah-TISH-us) is an adjective that means to form an addition or supplement. “Before the decline of daily newspapers, the Sunday editions used to have more than a dozen adscititious magazines and promotional flyers.” 
Five years ago, 2018 more

Deedy: (DEE-dee) an adjective that means industrious or effective.

“Shad Khan’s deedy plans for a new stadium for the Jacksonville Jaguars will make the franchise one of the most popular destinations in the NFL.”
Five years ago, 2018


Quixotic: (kwik-sa-tick) an adjective that means impulsive and unpredictable.

“The man lived his life by a hopefully quixotic code of honor.”

Esoteric: (e-suh-ter-ick) an adjective that means a subject that’s understood by a select few. “There were only a few viewers to the presentation because the information was too esoteric for wide appeal.” more
Ogdoad: (OG-duh-ad) a noun that means a group or set of eight. “An octopus has an ogdoad of legs.” more
Granivorous: (grah-NIV-uh-ruhs) an adjective that means animals feeding on grain.
Example: "“Betty loved sitting on her porch and watching squirrels plan, so she lured the granivorous animals to her yard with a variety of seeds.” more
Paracme: (puh-RAK-mi) a noun that means a point beyond the highest or greatest.
Example; “Grand Funk Railroad hit their prime in the 1970s, but Nancy still loves the albums from the band’s paracme period.”
Vexillology: (vek-sa-LAH-la-jee) a noun that means the study of flags.
Example: “Sheldon Cooper had a strong interest in vexillology on ‘Big Bang Theory.’” more
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