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You can bet there are many reasons to watch Super Bowl


There is no more stressful day of the betting year than Super Bowl Sunday. Who’s going to win? Who’s going to score first? Will the winning team cover the point spread? What was the price of Bitcoin stock before and after the game?

Wait, Bitcoin?

Strange but true, but you can bet on whether the stock price of the cryptocurrency will increase from kickoff to the final play.

Nothing stirs a bookie’s imagination more than a Super Bowl. It’s a cultural extravaganza that attracts millions of non-football fans with weird proposition bets. And you don’t have to know anything about blocking, tackling, running, passing, catching or kicking to get into the action. All you need to know is pop culture.

Foreign-based online sportsbooks are trying to cash in on the widespread focus on Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce. BetOnline, based in Panama, is offering 89 Swift-Kelce proposition bets, like will former President Donald Trump mention Swift on Truth Social during the game, will she be shown eating a hot dog or will the couple kiss on camera? It’s such a circus, one site is accepting wagers whether you see her bra straps or any other undergarmets.
One of the challenges of creating prop bets is finding a storyline, Dave Mason, brand manager of BetOnline told NPR’s Becky Sullivan. They hit a gold mine when Swift and Kelce recently became their own sideshow.

“Of course, this year, the crème de la crème fell into our laps,” he said.

Sportsbooks in the United States are prohibited from legally participating in the “Taylor Swift Effect” because their props must be related to an official on-field statistic, activity or score.

Like what color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning head coach, the length of Reba McEntire’s “Star Spangled Banner,” how many and which songs Usher will sing during his halftime show and will the pregame coinflip land on heads or tails?

Here are some curious facts about the game. Since the Chiefs are considered the home team, they got to choose which jersey they wanted to wear and picked red. Of the previous 57 Super Bowls, teams wearing white jerseys have won 37 times.

The Gatorade splash has become a very popular prop bet. According to Canada’s FanDuel, the favorite color is red, while bet365 said it has more money bet on purple. In the past five years, blue has been the color of choice three times, including the last two years. Orange and purple each made a splash the other two years. I wonder how many gamblers have tried to become friends with the team trainers who mix the Gatorade for each team?

If you want to take a risk, you can bet $100 to win $1,300 if the coach is dowsed by water.

Oddsmakers set the time for Reba McEntire to sing the National Anthem at a snappy 1 minute, 26 seconds, which is shorter than the quickest anthem of 90 seconds 17 years ago by Billy Joel. Wonder if McEntire is allowed to bet.

You can also make money on whether the word “Brave” takes less or more than 3.5 seconds.

One of the game’s biggest attractions is the halftime show. After all, where else can you be entertained by Usher and put some coin in your pocket?

The line on the number of Usher’s songs is 8.5, which means there can’t be a tie. If he sings eight or less, under is a winner. If he sings nine or more, the winning bet would be over. But there’s more. You can wager on which songs he sings and which song will be his first. Perhaps the easiest money to be made is whether he will sing “Yeah!” Since the money line is 100,000, the return would be .001%. In all, you can bet from a list of 21 songs.

If you want to make $2,500, put $100 on “Boyfriend” to be his first song.

What will be the best job on Super Bowl Sunday? Usher’s wardrobe supervisor, because you can bet on his shirt color at the start of the concert concert. The favorite is black, while orange is a long shot.

While coin flips are a 50/50 proposition, you can wager on heads or tails. For the record, seven of the last 10 flips have been tails.

For traditionalists, the 49ers are a two-point favorite – maybe because of the white jerseys – and the total number of combined points is 47.5.

Odds are, there will be about 116.5 million people watching. Of course, you can bet on that number, too.