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Uno Rodney Lund


It is with great sadness that we, the Lund family, announce that Uno Rodney Lund, born May 7, 1936, fell asleep in death on March 21, 2024.

  Uno is preceded in death by his parents, Ella and Arthur Lund. Uno is also preceded in death by Bernita Robinson, wife of 25 years. He is also preceded in death by 4 brothers; Buddy, Royal, Robert, Romaine (Dick), and 5 sisters; Lola, Gwen, Iona, Hope, and Gloria.

  Uno is survived by his wife of 38 years, RaeMarie Ingbretson and daughter, Kristie Dayton (Darryl), 2 grandchildren, Tyler Dayton and Hailey Bass and 4 great-grandchildren.

  Also surviving Uno are 4 children; Rodney Lund (Tony), Debra Dean (Felix), Penny Munguia (Roberto), and Rick Lund (Andrea); 4 grandchildren, Shannon, Tyler, Adrianna, and Mikaila and 4 great-grandchildren. Uno is also survived by his brothers-in-law, Conrad Ingbretson and Rodney Ingbretson.

  Uno was widely known by his friends and family as highly capable and multi-talented. Uno had a mechanical mind and was capable of repairing anything. He was willing and able to help anyone fix anything and it stayed fixed.  He was also adept at home remodeling. He was also a skilled welder for many decades. His welding included wrought iron railing fabrication for kingdom halls. This featured elaborate scroll work. On occasion, Uno would point out buildings in which he welded support beams that weighed hundreds and thousands of pounds. He was especially proud of his metal artwork of a steamship displayed on the front of the Fort Benton Museum in Fort Benton, Montana.  

  Although known as a man with capable hands, Uno loved music and was a musician at heart. At any given time, he could be heard either whistling or singing a tune, even in the shower. In his early years, he was the leader of his own country western band with his nephew. Although at one time he played guitar and sang in public, later on, he played only for his friends and family. He was a good dancer and he and RaeMarie loved to dance together.  

  Uno was strong and athletic. In his high school years, Uno was on a diving team and an acrobatic team. He was a strong swimmer and swam with ease. In his later life, it was not unusual for him to be seen doing handstands and flips in the backyard – at 49 years old.  

  In his early twenties, Uno was a rodeo performer. He specialized in bronco riding. It is during this period of his life that he met his first wife, Bernita; she was a barrel racer in the rodeos.   Although he loved the rodeo, he knew there was something more important, that being serving Jehovah. It was Uno who studied the Bible with Bernita.

  This brings us to the most noteworthy thing about Uno, that being his true identity laying in being a spiritual man and he wanted to be remembered by others for his love of Jehovah and the truth of the Bible which included his hope for the future.  Having been raised with his 9 siblings by his single mother, the majority of his immediate family and extended family, continue to serve Jehovah faithfully, thanking him for their spiritual heritage.  Uno and RaeMarie met through mutual friends and were married on October 26, 1985, after which they resided in Great Falls, Montana for 17 years, then moved to Evansville, Wisconsin and ultimately to Middleburg, Florida where they continued to serve Jehovah together totaling 38+ years.

  Uno’s love for Bible truth and deep knowledge enabled him to answer and explain questions to all he met. In fact, he was known for being able to recite passages from the Bible or the Watchtower publications from memory along with the name of the article, the exact year, month, and what side of the page they could be found.

  Because of his deep love of the truth and Jehovah, he was blessed with many privileges in Jehovah’s service. He loved the ministry and temporarily pioneered whenever he could throughout his entire life. He served as an elder in congregations in Montana and Wisconsin. He served as chairman of large conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was even privileged to serve as a substitute circuit overseer.

  Because of Uno’s unwavering love of Jehovah, we are confident and will be very happy to see him resurrected as a reward for his faithfulness to the end, to continue serving Jehovah in the new system to come.