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In accord with Chapters 120 and 190, Florida Statutes, Lakes at Bella Lago Community Development District (“District”) hereby gives notice of its intention to develop Rules of Procedure to govern the operations of the District.
The Rules of Procedure will address such areas as the Board of Supervisors, officers and voting, district offices, public information and inspection of records, policies, public meetings, hearings and workshops, rulemaking proceedings and competitive purchase including procedure under the Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act, procedure regarding auditor selection, purchase of insurance, pre-qualification, construction contracts, goods, supplies and materials, maintenance services, contractual services and protests with respect to proceedings, as well as any other area of the general operation of the District.
The purpose and effect of the Rules of Procedure is to provide for efficient and effective District operations and to ensure compliance with Florida law. The legal authority for the adoption of the proposed Rules of Procedure includes Sections 190.011(5), 190.011(15) and 190.035, Florida Statutes (2022). The specific laws implemented in the Rules of Procedure include, but are not limited to, Sections 112.08, 112.3143, 112.31446, 112.3145, 119.07, 119.0701, 189.053, 189.069(2)(a)16, 190.006, 190.007, 190.008, 190.011(3), 190.011(5), 190.011(15), 190.033, 190.035, 218.33, 218.391, 255.05, 255.0518, 255.0525, 255.20, 286.0105, 286.011, 286.0113, 286.0114, 287.017, 287.055 and 287.084, Florida Statutes (2023).
A copy of the proposed Rules of Procedure may be obtained by contacting the District Manager, c/o Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC, located at 2300 Glades Road, Suite 410W, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 571-0010.
District Manager
Lakes at Bella Lago
Community Development District
Legal 110504 Published 5/23/2024 in Clay County's Clay Today newspaper