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Notice is hereby given that on 01/23/2023 at 11:00 AM the following vehicles(s) may be sold at public sale at 2175
KINGSLEY AVE, 215 ORANGE PARK, FL 32073 for the amount owed on each vehicle to satisfy the lien for
repairs, services and storage charges and any administrative fees allowed pursuant to Florida Statute 713.585.
KNDJ23AUXL7117095 2020 KIA SOUL LX 18000.00
The name, address and telephone number and public sale location of the repair shop claiming the lien for unpaid
charges is:
Lienor Address: 2175 KINGSLEY AVE STE 215, ORANGE PARK, FL 32073-5118
Lienor Telephone #: 904-213-1180
MV License #: VI/1036618/1
Location of Vehicles: 2175 KINGSLEY AVE, 215, ORANGE PARK, FL 32073
The customer or person claiming an interest, or a lien may redeem the vehicle by satisfying the amount due in cash on
or before the sale date and time. The customer or person claiming an interest in or lien on a vehicle may file a demand
for a hearing with the Clerk of Court in the CLAY County where the vehicle is held to determine whether the vehicle
has been wrongfully taken or withheld from him or her. At any time before the date of sale a customer or person of
record claiming a lien on the vehicle may post a cash or surety bond in the amount stated on the invoice with the Clerk
of Circuit Court where the disputed transaction occurred.
Legal 49257 Published 1/5/2023 in Clay County's Clay Today newspaper