Faith walk: The hand of God


When we speak of God’s having human characteristics, we are looking for a way to describe Him with our limited human vocabulary. Because we speak of God’s hands or His arm or His heart does not mean that we believe God has these physical attributes. These “anthropomorphisms” are just to help us speak of a heavenly, eternal God in words that we understand. It helps us to visualize Him.

The word of God uses this language to increase our ability to speak of the wonders of our God.

The Bible speaks of His hands … His arm … His face … His heart.

Ezra was an Old Testament prophet of God. He was called by the Lord to return from Babylonian captivity to his homeland and his beloved city of Jerusalem. The great city had fallen into ruins while the men of Israel were captives in a foreign land.

Then God called Nehemiah and Ezra as heroes of the homeland to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Ezra speaks of the enablement God gave him to accomplish his commission to rebuild. In fact, the theme of Ezra’s life and work could be stated as “the Hand of the Lord my God was upon me.” Six times in two chapters of the Book of Ezra he gave this as the reason for his success.

When Moses needed a miracle for God’s people who were wandering through the wilderness, God reassured him with His statement: And the Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s hand shortened? Now you shall see whether my word will come true for you or not.”

The arm of God has length and strength. The hand of God is power and protection. His arm has never been “shortened.” That is to say His power has never diminished. He is still all-powerful! His hand – power – is upon you for victory today.

The Lord promises to hold you in the right hand of His righteousness. (Isaiah 41:10) You are safe in His hands!

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