Faith Walk: Excuses


All kinds of excuses are given for not attending church worship services. There is a movement today that teaches against involvement with the organized churches. But all the reasons or excuses for not joining in corporate worship fail in their reasoning.

Here are some of the things I have heard for not attending regular worship services.

I’m tired after a long week’s work. This is the lamest of all excuses I hear. It fails because the one using this excuse usually find the strength and energy to do other things apart from their work.

There are hypocrites there. The flippant answer to his one is “Come on in; there is always room for one more.” But that is only to be funny. The legitimate answer is that every corporate body is made up of people who are striving toward the fullness of God. There are failures. Faults are always there. We are still human. Unless you are perfect, don’t expect perfection in others.

I can worship anywhere. You can and you should. But a congregation of God’s people enables a lot of good things to be done that cannot be done by individuals or just a few. Fellowship strengthens your faith and the faith of other believers.

They want your money. The Apostle Paul was accused of pursuing money. He answered his critics by saying that he was not after anyone’s gift to him. Rather he wanted to teach others to give to the work of God because of the blessing they would receive for their giving.

I have more important things to do. This is the weakest excuse of them all. Anyone making this statement is declaring that he does not have his priorities in order.

Do you have an excuse for not being in the house of God with His people on the Lord’s Day? Look at your excuses with honesty and decide if your excuses will really stand.

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