Arrests & Bookings 6/4/20


(Name, age, location of arrest, charges). Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Probation; BAL-blood alcohol level. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence. Anyone arrested or booked is presumed innocent.

Tuesday, June 2

Sebastian T. Alexander, 42, Oakleaf, DUI, refusal to submit to BAL test, resist/obstruct/oppose police, attempting to flee/elude police with siren/lights active

Chelsea R. Busbee, 29, Middleburg, robbery

Charles R. Kelley, 45, Orange Park, sexual assault by custodian of child 12 or younger

Charles D. Collins, 27, Orange Park, two counts uttering forged/counterfeit bill, resist/obstruct/oppose police

June A. Mechum, 52, Middleburg, possession/use-drug paraphernalia, DWLSR

Wenona J. Stamper, 43, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Melissa L. Funston, 38, Orange Park, two counts child abuse

Lacy L. Mabry, 38, Middleburg, child neglect

John C. Rumsey, 38, Orange Park, possession-fentanyl

Monday, June 1

Christopher D. Barr, 27, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Keyunon D. Smith, 26, Orange Park, retail petit theft

John L. Bennett, 31, Keystone Heights, assault/battery during burglary, aggravated battery with deadly weapon, aggravated assault while committing felony, grand theft of firearm, possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon

Michael R. Williams, 32, Keystone Heights, resist/obstruct/oppose police

Rossel A. Carvajal, 18, Fleming Island, petit theft

Christopher K. Nesbit, 34, Orange Park, possession-heroin, violation of injunction

Sunday, May 31

Lee E. Rupert, 30, Middleburg, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Demetryus R. Small, 23, Oakleaf, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Ricardo L. Thomas, 40, Orange Park, simple battery

Reggie J. Norman, 60, Middleburg, DWLSR

Adam J. Hack, 40, Fleming Island, domestic battery

Saturday, May 30

Donald W. Messer, 36, Middleburg, possession-fentanyl

Tiffany M. York, 38, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

James A. Hampton, 56, Fleming Island, grand theft (Duval), organized fraud (Duval), eight counts worthless check (Duval)

Ty D. Rasmus, 19, Orange Park, DUI with BAL .15 or higher

Demetri J. Rosier, 25, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Cameron A. Engels, 28, Orange Park, felony battery by strangulation, adult false imprisonment

Friday, May 29

Ashley N. Smith, 36, Green Cove Springs, VOP-contributing to the delinquency of a minor for failing to require school attendance

Francisco M. Lopez Melendez, 24, Green Cove Springs, fugitive from justice

Christopher R. Ballou, 34, Keystone Heights, retail petit theft, resist/obstruct/oppose police

James M. Kennemer, 38, Orange Park, possession-marijuana

Christopher C. Hale, 25, Middleburg, VOP-possession-heroin

Robert J.D. Trego, 35, Orange Park, possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use-drug paraphernalia, giving false name/ID, DWLSR

Lindsay M. Brandenburg, 41, Orange Park, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Shawn R. Parrish, 39, Orange Park, burglary

Demetri J. Rosier, 25, Orange Park, possession-concealed firearm, DWLSR

William M. Comalander, 35, Orange Park, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

James F. Ferguson, 28, Green Cove Springs, domestic battery, child abuse

Joshua A. Aichele, 33, Middleburg, violation of injunction against domestic violence

Thursday, May 28

Amanda N. Pullman, 32, Middleburg, DWLSR

Carmelo Santiago, 27, Green Cove Springs, VOP-community control

Latrelle R. Harris, 36, Green Cove Springs, VOP-DUI

Matthew E. Bereron, 30, Green Cove Spring, failing to stop following crash with injuries, DWLSR

Kashif E. Brown, 35, Green Cove Springs, VOP-DUI with property damage

Dylan C. Hurt, 21, Green Cove Springs, VOP-felony battery, VOP-shooting/throwing deadly missiles, VOP-criminal mischief

Aaron B. Best, 24, Middleburg, burglary, three counts dealing in stolen property, three counts giving false info to pawn broker, possession-methamphetamine, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Bruce B. Donley, 27, Green Cove Springs, FTA-domestic battery

Cheyanne M. Davis, 20, Middleburg, domestic battery

Blaze D. Edwards, 18, Orange Park, resist/obstruct/oppose police, trespassing

Wren A. Garrett, 33, Orange Park, aggravated child abuse

Randall K. Benoit, 53, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Melissa S. Carlson, 32, Orange Park, VOP-sale/deliver/manufacture-cocaine

Zachery Black, 34, Fleming Island, domestic violence

Wednesday, May 27

Benjamin H. Kall, 30, Middleburg, felony domestic battery

Melany P. Brieno, 20, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

John S. Wright, 40, Orange Park, two counts non-support (Duval)

Amber N. Burkes, 28, Green Cove Springs, VOP-grand theft auto

Devon Brice, 22, Orange Park, battery on police officer/firefighter/EMT, simple battery

Katina L. Johnson, 27, Orange Park, retail theft, removal of anti-shoplifting device

Stanesha L. Burton, 32, Orange Park, retail theft, removal of anti-shoplifting device

Javon R. Cuffee, 43, Middleburg, giving false name/ID

Jessica R. Mabry, 43, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Maximino A. Martinez, 34, Green Cove Springs, driving without valid license

Noah C. Hawlk, 18, Fleming Island, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Najhee N. Shavers, 22, Oakleaf, simple domestic battery, vandalism

Harley W. Monroe, 35, Orange Park, FTA-violation of daily park hours (Duval)

Lisa E. Armstrong, 38, Orange Park, petit theft (Duval)

Sean Okeefe, 41, Middleburg, FTA-battery (Orange)

Drexel T. Kellog, 54, Green Cove Springs, contempt of court


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