Life is good after reality TV

An interview with Camson Alevy
Wesley Leblanc and Kile Brewer

FLEMING ISLAND – Fans of the FOX television show MasterChef Junior might have noticed a Fleming Island face no longer in the running as of April 6, but have no fear, 14-year-old Camson Alevy is still smiling in a kitchen today.

During episode seven, Alevy and the rest of the kid chefs were faced with making Tilly Ramsay’s signature burger. Consisting of a mushroom filled with pesto, topped with aioli, an arugula salad topping, grilled buns and of course, the meat itself, the Tilly Burger was no easy task. Sadly, it was this burger and Camson’s version of it that ended his time on the show.

“I put the burger on a cold grill and everything just fell apart from there,” Alevy said, explaining the importance of ensuring the grill is hot before putting a burger on it.

Despite having to say goodbye to the potential opportunity for the coveted MasterChef Junior Season 6 trophy and $100,000, Alevy is still in the kitchen almost every day with the same smile he held each and every episode.

“It definitely didn’t feel good but I deserved it because in the end, my burger didn’t turn out as good as the others,” Alevy said. “It’s been a while now since that happened and I’m doing pretty good. Throughout it all, my family and my friends were there to support me.”

Now that his time is a bit freer, albeit just barely, Alevy is back to doing all the things he was enjoying before his time on the show – cooking, soccer, vlogging, podcasting, videography, photography and acting – not to mention school as well. And speaking of acting, Alevy has a movie he’s in coming out this year titled, “I’m Going to Kill Someone This Friday.” The movie is currently in post-production but when it releases, Alevy can be spotted playing the son of the main family the story revolves around.

Today, with quite a bit of time between when he filmed for the show and now, Alevy sees the things he learned on the show come to fruition every time he steps into the kitchen.

According to Alevy, he’s now a more poised cook. Cooking in front of the judges, in front of the cameras, completing the task before time ran out and ensuring every plate he made looked appetizing taught him how to not only be more efficient in the kitchen, but better in it as well. However, he enjoys the more relaxed environment of his family’s home kitchen and understandably so.

While he isn’t allowed to disclose how long ago he filmed for MasterChef Junior according to FOX guidelines, enough time has passed to allow for Alevy to reflect on his time spent filming on the West Coast.

“I would say the experience, everything about it, is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life,” Alevy said. “Being on national television, surrounded by friends and some of the world’s greatest chefs, being in such a friendly but competitive environment, was amazing. I’ll never forget my time [on the show].”

If you’re interested in more on Alevy, you can listen to his upcoming podcast, “Kickin’ it with Camson,” which will soon be available on iTunes. If that’s not enough, you can head to the Clay Today website,, and watch Alevy redeem himself with a perfectly cooked Tilly Burger and you might even learn how to cook the burger yourself along the way.


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