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Biden’s team cleverly turns focus from debate debacle to Trump lies


We all saw it. We all shook our heads. How can these two men be our best options to run our country for the next four years?

It was unsettling to see the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Our current president was hopelessly disconnected, stumbled, and confused. He tied two, three, and four thoughts into a single disjointed sentence.

“Making sure that we’re able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the ... with the COVID, excuse me, with um, dealing with everything we have to with, uh ...” he continued. “Look, if we finally beat Medicare ...”

Who could forget: “What I’m going to do is fix the tax system. For example, we have 1,000 trillionaires in America.”

Say, what?

Minutes after the debate, the Democrat Party and their network news enablers went into full panic mode. They blamed his lack of cognitive process on a cold, although Biden lost his raspy voice a day later during a rally in North Carolina.

When Biden made it clear he wouldn’t drop out, the media and the Biden campaign quickly went to Plan B – they said Trump lied throughout the debate.

Both candidates indeed played loose with the facts. Unfortunately, that’s today’s politics. The more we demand accountability, the more we get shoveled stuff from the bottom of the honey bucket.

Trump told some tall tales. He said Biden would restore Roe v Wade if re-elected and would support killing a baby after it’s born. That is not remotely true. He also said Biden would quadruple taxes if re-elected. Although said Biden’s 2025 proposed budget would put “extraordinarily large tax hikes on businesses and the top 1% of earners and would put the U.S. in a distinctly uncompetitive international position and threaten the health of the U.S. economy,” it wasn’t close to levels Trump suggested.

Biden also told some tall tales. He said nobody from the military has died under his watch. I guess he forgot the 13 who were killed by a suicide bomber in 2021 at the Kabul, Afghanistan, airport and the three soldiers killed in a drone attack last January in Jordan.

The president also said the Border Patrol has endorsed his candidacy. The agency quickly responded by saying it doesn’t support him and “never will.”

Biden said Trump wants to abolish Social Security and cut Social Security and Medicare. In an interview, Trump said he was in favor of cutting waste and fraud from both programs, and he made the entire interview available for context to prove that he never said he wanted to cut or eliminate either entitlement.

As soon as the shock of Biden’s mental disability became a worldwide punchline, the media, campaign and pundits turned the focus on Trump. It was like watching “The Wizard of Oz” and hearing the Wizard telling Dorothy not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. The more they accused Trump of telling lies, the more they hoped voters would shift the focus away from an easily distracted president who couldn’t function without a speechwriter and a teleprompter.

We can’t count on either man’s words being honest during this year’s election. They say what they think we want to hear. They dance in the shadows of vagueness and cherry-picked information from irresponsible reporting. Then their compliant media usually take it from there.

I will use common sense when I step into the voting booth on Nov. 5. I will believe what I see, not what I hear. After all, the man representing our nation must think clearly, be precise and be unremitting when dealing with our adversaries, not someone who is more mentally attuned to be in the balcony to heckle the rest of the Muppets.