Letter to the Editor: Requirement to appoint the superintendent of schools could be on ballot again


Most counties in Florida elect their Superintendent of Schools but about 1/3 have chosen to have their Superintendent appointed by their local School Board. Currently, the decision to have an elected or appointed Superintendent is made by the voters of individual counties to suit their preference and needs.

Every 20 years, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission meets to determine items to place on the statewide ballot. One of the items that will be considered is a requirement that ALL counties in Florida appoint rather than elect their Superintendent of Schools.

In 2014, 61 percent of the voters of Clay County decided to continue directly electing their Superintendent of Schools. However, if this measure makes it through the Constitution Revision Commission and is placed on the 2018 ballot, the determination of how we do things locally will be determined by the voters of the entire state of Florida. It could pass and then we in Clay would be forced to appoint our Superintendent of Schools despite the fact that Clay voters have already spoken against this.

It is possible to contact the Constitution Revision Commission and voice your opinion. For more info go to flcrc.gov. The item in question is P0033. The decision to place this on the ballot has not yet been made and can be stopped.

Travis Christensen

Lake Asbury

Editor’s Note: Travis Christensen is a candidate for Clay County School Board. Publishing this letter does not equate to an endorsement by Clay Today.


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