Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to food truck column


Peter Swanson is at it again.

His columns seem to appear only when he sees an opportunity to divide the people of our city or degrade our city manager and council. Rather than gather facts as a professional journalist he used wonderful people like Jack Rountree and the dedicated owners of the China Wok to anchor an article riddled with inaccuracies.

Mr. Swanson is a divisive, angry man who has no regard for our council or our Danielle Judd, city manager. We have seen in his previous articles a propensity to use half-truths and made up stuff to sensationalize his points of view.

In his most recent column, he has continued to strike out at Ms. Judd and the council. The city manager of Green Cove Springs, received a call from a local licensed, tax paying restaurant with employees that was open for business.

The business owner did not feel it was fair for Mr. Rountree to undercut his business. Ms. Judd did what any responsible city manager should have done – she supported a local business and asked Mr. Rountree if he would relocate.

Mr. Rountree did as requested. Meanwhile, the City of Green Cove Springs arranged for lodging and meals for employees, police and visiting electric crews. A local church provided a meal for visiting electric crews and police to show its appreciation.

Mr. Swanson referenced that Mr. Roundtree had been allowed to sell his barbecua at 3rd Saturday, a local once a month market in Green Cove Springs.

If Mr. Swanson had done some fact finding he would have discovered that 3rd Saturday is co-sponsored by the Green Cove Springs Business League and the City of Green Cove Springs. It sets-up one Saturday a month and has a completely different purpose than a random food truck

on U.S. 17.

Mr. Whiteman, referenced in Mr. Swanson’s article, took the high road, attended a city council meeting and offered respectful, positive criticism that was appreciated by all in attendance. City Hall was without electricity and the suggestions he made about its closing were noted by city management and leaders. On the other hand, Mr. Swanson always takes the low road of negativity.

It is sad but over the last couple of years Mr. Swanson could have spent his time researching the many great things our council and city manager have done. What a waste.

Robert G. Lewis

Green Cove Springs

Note: Robert Lewis is the husband of City Council Member Pam Lewis.


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Isn't Pam Lewis one of the monsters that so hates the sick and dying that she has engineered the banning of medical marijuana in Green Cove Springs? these are not people anyone can admire.

Thursday, September 28, 2017