Letter to the Editor: Animal lover shocked at over-filled pet shelters


As an animal lover, I am appalled that our local animal shelters are all either at or over capacity. Given the fact that spaying and neutering is now done free of charge at many facilities, it seems that this problem should no longer such a huge and tragic issue.

How, in this day and age, can so many people remain ignorant and/or lazy regarding their pets? I realize that sometimes pets must be surrendered due to circumstances beyond their owners’ control. However, this year our shelters have seen a large number of surrenders from people who, for one reason or another, just no longer want their pets.

This level of irresponsibility says a great deal about us as a society. It seems that too many people do not realize that pets are a huge responsibility, just as children are. These animals are God’s creatures, have feelings just as humans do, and deserve the same loving care and attention we give our children or any other human in need. Anyone who considers taking a pet into their family has the obligation to realize that they need to properly care for this animal throughout their entire life. Giving up a pet when one no longer wants to care for it, letting the animal run wild and uncared for, should be considered as much of a crime by our society as treating a human family member in the same manner.

Pamela Jordan, Teacher

Fleming Island


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